Roodekrans 1: Grade 1-4

Since 2007


  • Jungle gym
  • Trampoline
  • Swing ball
  • Soccer field
  • Board games
  • Swimming under supervision (summer only).

Contact details

71 Wilde Amandel Ave

011 764 6344
071 892 3797


  • Lion King Class
  • Nemo Class
  • Donald Class
  • Daisy Class
  • Mickey Class
  • Dragon Class
  • Smurfs Class


Daily Procedure


  • Children learn:
  • the alphabet
  • to write letters and numbers correctly
  • how to count up to 100 and backwards from 50, to add and subtract between 0 and 20
  • to read up to 50 words per minute
  • the basics of mind mapping by listening to stories and answering questions
  • Some children receive therapy such as remedial, speech and occupation therapy to help them along the way, and we assist them with their therapy homework
  • The children are given extra work to boost confidence and knowledge in reading and mathematics


  • Learners should be able to:
  • make full sentences
  • read quietly without sounding the words
  • count , add and subtract to 60
  • The learners learn to do division and multiplication up to the 6 times table
  • The learners do their daily therapy homework first
  • The learners do extra work to give them more confidence and knowledge in reading and mathematics
  • They learn mind mapping by listening to a story, and drawing a picture and answering questions on what they remember about the story


  • Learners learn to:
    • Read fluently up to 100 words per minute
    • Add, subtract, divide and multiply higher numbers
  • Learners learn to complete homework within a given time
  • Children start learning how to study for tests and how to make summaries and mind maps using stories
  • They do their therapy work independently
  • When homework is done, extra work is given to improve learners’ knowledge and confidence in reading and mathematics


  • Reading must be done fluently up to at least 100 words per minute
  • Learners should be able to add, subtract, divide and multiply
  • Learners should be able to complete homework on time
  • Therapy work must still be done first
  • Learners should know how to the summarise and how to study from their summaries, how to do mind maps or learn from flash notes
  • Learners do extra work to improve their knowledge and confidence in reading, mathematics, Afrikaans and English


Berineez R2

Berineez Swartz – Manager

I’m 37 years old with two children one adorable boy Kyle who attends Turtle Den Campus II and a teenage daughter Vuyokazi who attends West Rand Study Centre-Campus II.I am engaged to the love of my life. I would describe my personality as bubbly, warm and I do not allow anything to get me down. I create my own destiny and I work hard to achieve the goals I set for myself. I started working at Turtle Den as a cleaner and by asking questions and learning new skills I excelled and got promoted as an assistant, then a tutor and later on a manager.

I started my career at Turtle Den on the 10th of June 2000 was promoted as Manager for West Rand Study Centre Campus I in 2007. I oversee both West Rand Study Centre Campus I and II as well as oversee the day to day operations of Ridgevale Primary’s Tuck Shop. I love cooking and I am part of the 2Phat Ladies team. We cater over weekends for St. Vincents, EPASSA and Lantern School psychology department.

I am responsible to make sure that every day is like a well oiled machine and in the event that a tutor is absent I take the rains and stand in.

My Faith has carried me through a lot of trail and tribulation over years.

West Rand Study Centre has taught me a lot over the years that I pass on to my colleagues’ enjoy socializing and teaching people new skills

R1 Jeanette

Jeanette v.d. Heever


Lion King Class

I was given an opportunity to teach the Grade 3 class this year and although a huge challenge, I love and adore the learners in my class. I always try my best to make sure that each learner is happy and content. I teach in the mornings at Turtle Den Pre-primary the 5 year group and they are my pride and joy.

I am a hard worker and I will always assist the learners with their assignments and speeches. I enjoy interacting with the learners and I am always thinking of games to play when we are outside.

My next step is to enroll myself for the next available ECD course at Roodepoort College to better my skill set. It is important to me that each learner at West Rand Study Centre and Turtle Den Pre-primary only receive the best care, attention and teaching from me.

R1 Samantha

Samantha Ndebele


I am a single 27 year old lady. I have an inquisitive personality and I have one son who means the world to me. I never thought one can love someone so unconditionally.

I enjoy cooking, experimenting with different flavours, and baking cakes and snacks.

I am a Christian and a church going person. I adore the children and the interaction with them.

It warms my heart when the children ask for seconds, which means I did my job well.

Hester R1

Hester Janse van Rensburg – Principal as well as the class Tutor of Daizy Class

I am 63 year old and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren that is my joy and pride.
I am currently working at the Study Centre for 16 years now and I enjoy working with kids because they give me a purpose in life.
My hobbies are reading and watching television

Roxanne Cory R2

Roxanne Cory, Tutor Daizy Class

I’m a very caring and loving person I love working with children and watching them grow. My hobbies are fishing as well as action netball. I am planning to teach children for a long time.

R1 Angelique Crament

Angelique Crament, Dragon Class Assistant

I am 22 year old and very kind and hardworking person.
I am a very outgoing person and my hobbies are art,painting and sckething.
My passion is to work with children and became their mentore ,I am a very honest person and always speaks my mind.

R1 Cornelia du Plooy

Cornelia du Plooy, Tutor of the Mickey Mouse

I a m a a very honest,caring,reliable and trustworthy person.I am 56 year old and single.I l have a passion for children and to teach them, gives me joy in my heart. I have been matriculate at Westenaria High School in early 80s .My hobbies are ballroom dancing after hours and art. I am a very creative person.

R1 Angelique Kruger

Angelique Kruger, Tutor Smurfs Class

I am 22 and single no children .I am a very socialable person who loves to to meet new people and try out new things in my life.My hobbies are fast racing cars .I love animals but love the learners in my class more .Working with the kids put a smile on my face everyday.

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