Roodekrans 1: Grade 1-4

Since 2007


  • Jungle gym
  • Trampoline
  • Swing ball
  • Soccer field
  • Board games
  • Swimming under supervision (summer only).

Contact details

71 Wilde Amandel Ave

011 764 6344
071 892 3797


  • Lego Class
  • Aristotle Class
  • Picasso Class


Daily Procedure


  • Children learn:
  • the alphabet
  • to write letters and numbers correctly
  • how to count up to 100 and backwards from 50, to add and subtract between 0 and 20
  • to read up to 50 words per minute
  • the basics of mind mapping by listening to stories and answering questions
  • Some children receive therapy such as remedial, speech and occupation therapy to help them along the way, and we assist them with their therapy homework
  • The children are given extra work to boost confidence and knowledge in reading and mathematics


  • Learners should be able to:
  • make full sentences
  • read quietly without sounding the words
  • count , add and subtract to 60
  • The learners learn to do division and multiplication up to the 6 times table
  • The learners do their daily therapy homework first
  • The learners do extra work to give them more confidence and knowledge in reading and mathematics
  • They learn mind mapping by listening to a story, and drawing a picture and answering questions on what they remember about the story


  • Learners learn to:
    • Read fluently up to 100 words per minute
    • Add, subtract, divide and multiply higher numbers
  • Learners learn to complete homework within a given time
  • Children start learning how to study for tests and how to make summaries and mind maps using stories
  • They do their therapy work independently
  • When homework is done, extra work is given to improve learners’ knowledge and confidence in reading and mathematics


  • Reading must be done fluently up to at least 100 words per minute
  • Learners should be able to add, subtract, divide and multiply
  • Learners should be able to complete homework on time
  • Therapy work must still be done first
  • Learners should know how to the summarise and how to study from their summaries, how to do mind maps or learn from flash notes
  • Learners do extra work to improve their knowledge and confidence in reading, mathematics, Afrikaans and English


Maritjie van Antwerpen

Marietjie van Antwerpen

 I am one of the privileged few to have realized my childhood dream of becoming a teacher.

I qualified in commercial subjects and at the tender age of 20 I had to encourage high school learners to study and improve academically.   I furthered my qualifications and eventually became deputy principal at a secondary school.  Currently I am living with my son, one of my three children.  My passion is to work with children and I love to share knowledge.

Hester Jansse van Rensburg

Hester Janse van Rensburg

In January 2000 I started working with Grade 1 learners at West Rand Study Centre in Witpoortjie.  Later I was promoted to principal of the school.

After 16 years at Witpoortjie I decided to retire but that only lasted 6 months.  I wanted to return to work as I missed the learners.  My passion is to work with learners that struggle with schoolwork.  I assist them with mathematics, spelling, making of sentences and to read.  It is very satisfying to see them grow and getting more independent, and to see how their self-confidence develop.

Marietjie Ferreira

Marietjie Ferreira

I am proud to be associated with West Rand Study Centre.

One of my many duties is to welcome parents and learners. We take pride in the work that we do with the learners in assisting with homework and assessment tasks, and in providing all-round support to learners and parents alike.

I love gardening and have a wide range of garden plants of my own.  It, therefore, make sense that I would oversee the gardens and playgrounds.

I love cooking and baking and to be using the produce from our own gardens provides me with a great sense of achievement.

Saviour Chaleka

Saviour Chaleka

I was born in July.  I am a single mother of two beautiful children.  We live in Roodepoort with my parents.  My hobbies are travelling, cooking and singing.  We go to church on Sundays.

I am currently working at West Rand Study Centre Roodekrans as cook and cleaner.

I am passionate about my work and I take my responsibilities seriously.

Marianne Steinmann

Marianne Steinmann

I have two children – quite grown now.

I only recently joined the staff of West Rand Study Centre as tutor in the Lego II class and office administration clerk during the mornings.

Before joining WRSC I was a personal assistant for 20 years.  For the last 5 years I shifted my focus to Health and Safety as this seems to be an area quite often neglected.  My hobbies include reading, arts and crafts.  I also enjoy painting, especially abstract works, and love exploring new media in painting.

Kableo Tsheoletsane

Kabelo Tsholetsane

I have been working within this company for many years now.  At first I was at the tuckshop, called Yummy Tummy, and has only this year started work at West Rand Study Centre, Roodekrans.

I assist in the kitchen with preparation and cooking and also make sure that both premises are clean and disinfected.
I am a very hardworking individual and I am a dedicated staff member who enjoys working in a team.

Lisa Cochrane

Lisa Cochrane

I have a 3-year old daughter that means absolutely everything to me. My name means ”God is my Oath” and I strive to live up to that name. I love reading (among other hobbies) when I am not preparing for the learners in my class. In the mornings I teach the Intersen Phase at Praemoveo Tutoring Centre and in the afternoons I assist Grade 4 learners with their homework. I am currently studying at UNISA towards a B.Ed degree in Intermediate and Senior Phase. I always try to uplift people and try to alleviate pain and suffering.  I love working with the children in my class as being an educator is all I ever wanted to be!

Leonie Wynand

Leonie Wynand

I studied Early Childhood Development and decided to further my studies by enrolling for B.ED Foundation Phase at the University of the Free State.  At this point I have successfully completed two years and will hopefully graduate in 2022. Currently I am the Gr R teacher at Praemoveo and hope to be part of the team for a long time. My hobbies are diverse and include reading, especially fiction.

Nanda Sadie

Nanda Sadie

I am teaching languages at Praemoveo for all the learners.  By doing this I live my passion for languages as well as for teaching.  I chose teaching because of the positive experiences I had when I was at school, and strive to emulate those educators who influenced my choices.  My wish is to motivate and inspire the learners that I deal with every day.

I love to do gardening in my spare time and when I am not preparing lessons for my learners, I read both fiction and non-fiction.

Ricardo Robberts

Ricardo Robberts

I am currently studying B.Ed Foundation Phase at the University of Johannesburg and have successfully completed the first two years of my studies. I worked for a year and a half in the United States of America and learnt the American way of doing things.  I love reading and I also write poems, short stories and dramas.

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