• A daily routine is followed to emphasize structure and to plan and work within a time limit
  • Children are taught to follow a structured programme independently
  • Children gain confidence and strengthen their character
  • They plan and follow a study roster and prepare in time for exams


  • The children arrive from school; they put down their bags, wash their hands and receive their lunch and something to drink.
  • After lunch they wash their hands again and change into comfortable clothes.
  • They go to class where school bags are unpacked and every book is checked.
  • Tutors ensure that homework, study work, therapy work and reading are done daily.
  • Tutors check diaries and sign.
  • Tutors check for spelling and grammatical errors and incorrect answers.
  • Tutors sign off the work that was done for the day.
  • Tutors keep a record of everything that was done in the communication book.
  • Children do extra work and tutors update extra work files.
  • Tutors supervise learners to ensure good behaviour and a safe environment at all times.
  • Tutors allow learners to contribute to their own class rules. Children prefer boundaries and will be more likely to comply.
  • Learners practise multiplication and spelling daily.
  • We treat each child with respect and praise where possible. We reward learners for good work and encourage those who are struggling to do better.

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