Roodekrans 2: Grade 5 -12

Since 2012


  • Jungle gym
  • Trampoline
  • Swing ball
  • Soccer field
  • Board games
  • Swimming under supervision (summer only).

Contact details

36 Amaryllis St
011 764 5879
079 448 4267


  • Uranus Class
  • Saturn Class
  • Jupiter Class
  • Mercury Class
  • Venus Class


Daily Procedure


  • Reading must be done every day – it is very important
  • Multiplication tables must be done on a daily basis to improve learners’ mathematical skills
  • Therapy homework is taken out and completed first
  • Learners carry on with their homework as soon as therapy work is done. Those learners not doing therapy work start on their homework immediately
  • Summaries and mind mapping are done every day on the new work that they revised to have more time to study at the end
  • Learners start to learn the given work for upcoming tests and exams
  • Questions will be set on the work summarised first. That will allow more time to learn the rest of the summaries.  Questions will also be set on these summaries
  • All summarised work will revised with the learners


  • Reading must be done every day – it is very important
  • Therapy work is done first
  • Summaries and mind mapping are done every day on the new work that they revised to have more time to study at the end
  • All summarised work is revised with the learners

GRADES 8 – 12

  • The therapy homework is done first
  • The other homework is done as soon as possible after completion of therapy homework
  • Summarised work must be updated
  • The given work must be studied
  • Questions will be set on the work summarised first. The rest of the summaries will be studied and questions set on these
  • All summaries will be learned again
  • The summaries will be revised with the learners in full


Berineez R2

Berineez Swartz – Manager

I’m 37 years old with two children one adorable boy Kyle who attends Turtle Den Campus II and a teenage daughter Vuyokazi who attends West Rand Study Centre-Campus II.I am engaged to the love of my life. I would describe my personality as bubbly, warm and I do not allow anything to get me down. I create my own destiny and I work hard to achieve the goals I set for myself. I started working at Turtle Den as a cleaner and by asking questions and learning new skills I excelled and got promoted as an assistant, then a tutor and later on a manager.

I started my career at Turtle Den on the 10th of June 2000 was promoted as Manager for West Rand Study Centre Campus I in 2007. I oversee both West Rand Study Centre Campus I and II as well as oversee the day to day operations of Ridgevale Primary’s Tuck Shop. I love cooking and I am part of the 2Phat Ladies team. We cater over weekends for St. Vincents, EPASSA and Lantern School psychology department.

I am responsible to make sure that every day is like a well oiled machine and in the event that a tutor is absent I take the rains and stand in.

My Faith has carried me through a lot of trail and tribulation over years.

West Rand Study Centre has taught me a lot over the years that I pass on to my colleagues’ enjoy socializing and teaching people new skills.

Marietjie R2

Marietjie van Antwerpen – Saturn Class

I am one of the fortunate ones to have realized my childhood dreams of becoming a teacher. In some way or another I have always found myself being involved with education.
I obtained my teaching diploma in commercial subjects and started teaching at the age of 20. I currently live with my son which is one of three children.
I love working with children and I truly enjoy passing on my knowledge to others.

R1 Lisa-Marie

Lisa-Marie Thomas – Nemo Class

I have been married for 21 years and have two beautiful daughters.
My greatest passion is passing on my knowledge to others and seeing others succeed using what I have taught them. I love my students in my class and care deeply for them.
My hobbies are watching movies and being a mother to my kids.

Doortjie R2

Doortjie Seqapotsa – Jupiter Class

A mother of three beautiful children two daughters and one boy I am originally from Bloemfontein. I am a person that loves making jokes and to tell stories about my childhood years.
I am hard working, loyal and trustworthy and anyone can always rely on me!

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